Candy Melts?

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Candy melts? What are they you might ask.

Candy Melts
Candy melts are those funny looking colourful bits in a bag (buttons or rectangles) in the cake decorating shop or rarely in the supermarket. They mostly made from white chocolate with a splash of colour.
To use the candy melt all you need is a microwave or a hob.
This is an easy and efficient way to melt your melts:

Place the melts in a microwave safe container. Heat at half power or defrost setting for 30 second intervals. Remove and stir after each interval. Continue the process until all the melts have been melted. 

Fill a pan with water. Bring the water to the boil and reduce the heat keeping the boiled water at moderate temperature. Place a suitable heat bowl to fit over the pan and add your melts. Keep stirring until the desired consistency is achieved. 
They can be used for dipping, moulding and decorating. 
Before coating cake pops ensure they have been left at room temperature for at least 30 minutes. This will help to prevent cracking, which is usually caused by the cake expanding or shrinking due to changes in temperature. If the first coat does crack, then a second coating will fill any cracks. It is unlikely a second coating will crack again.
To achieve the best working consistency it is always advised to melt slowly. The slower they are melted the better the consistency you will get for working with. 
Melting too high can cause the melts to burn and become too thick and unusable. 
Once melted, allowing the melts to cool a little will give a thicker consistency which is often better when coating. 
Do not let the melts come into contact with water. 
A few drops of vegetable oil or shortening can be added to the melts to give a thinner consistency if required. 
So what can we use the for? Read on for some ideas! 
1. Cake Pops
Cake Pops
This one is obvious. Everyone loves a good cake pop!
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2. Chocolate mould (lego)
Chocolate Lego
3. Create an edible bowl
For this one you will need some balloons. 
  • Blow the balloons up to the size you want the bowls be
  • Dip them into candy melts
  • Wait until they dry and pop them gently letting the air out slowly so the bowls don't brake
  • Decorate them if you wish
  • Serve ice ice cream, sweets or desert in them. Lovely!
Edible Bowl
4. Cake toppers
You can create all kind of toppers for cupcakes or cakes , only you imagination is the limit. Follow the steps on the image below to create any 2D cake toppers.
Cake Toppers
5. Write words
You can even write words with your candy melts:
Candy Melt Words
6. Sweet and salty creations
This method is so so easy. We do make them regularly with my kids for birthdays.
You simply get some pretzels, bread sticks, or even crisps and dip or drizzle them in different colour candy melts. I know I know it sounds crazy, but trust me kids go bonkers for them! So get dipping!
Sweet Pretzels
7. Cookies
Finally we can't miss the cookies of course. It is not the traditional method of cookie decorating but hey, it is exciting fun and actually very easy!
  • Bake your favorite cookies and wait until they are completely cold
  • Start with a thin piping tip and draw around your shape
  • Wait until this first layer dries
  • Flood them with the melts on the inside and decorate how you wish! 
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