This is NOT a Black Friday Deal!

Posted by Julianna Bodzan on

Happy Holidays!

We try not to get too involved in the Black Friday deals, as we believe it is just another marketing black hole. 

We also do not offer anything that we don't stand 100% behind in quality and value.

All of our items are sensibly priced and we actually CAN NOT afford to offer it for 50-70-90 % off the original price, purely because we work with good old fashioned sensible profit margins. 

We also know most of our products factory chain and only working with wholesalers who has good reputation and excellent products.

So if you are looking for a hard bargain, maybe this store is not for You! 

However if you want value and quality for your money and would like to support communities where these items were factorised and distributed from, than we invite you for a little GAME:

Do you like a surprise pressie? Watch this!


Click HERE to see out Christmas Sets

Thank you and Happy Holiday Season!

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