Kids in the kitchen - Food hygiene

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Kids in the kitchen - Food Hygiene

Did you ever had an upset tummy after eating something? I think we all been there at some point of our lives.

Of course this could be caused by many things, but it is definitely safer to always follow good practices regarding to food hygiene when cooking.
You have to make sure to prevent cross-contamination; this basically means preventing bacteria to spread.
I know it does sound gross, but I have to tell you the amount of times I see kids, and adults alike not washing their hands regularly is somewhat disturbing.
Please make sure you follow these guidelines when cooking to prevent illness.

The Cook


  • Always wash and dry your hands before touching any food. Clean your nails too, scrub it well with antibacterial soap
  • Wash your hands as regularly as required, for example after touching meat products or cleaning vegetables
  • Don’t cook unwell
  • Don’t touch your mouth or nose while cooking, as this can spread bacteria
  • Don’t double dip your spoon when tasting, use a different one each time
  • If you have a cut, cover it with colourful plaster
  • Use protective clothing, aprons, hats




  • Clean surfaces before start cooking
  • Make sure all equipment is clean before using them
  • Clean your sink regularly during cooking as bacteria can build up very easily
  • Use colour coded boards to separate different type of foods
  • Scrub the boards thoughtfully after each use



  • Always wash and clean fruit and vegetables
  • Do not wash poultry as bacteria can spread very easily
  • Keep row and cooked food separately at all times
  • Store and cook all products appropriately according to instructions


Please check our downloadable infographic about Kids in The kitchen – here.


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