Hang on a minute! Are you using your cookie cutters only for cookies?!

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Don't be crazy! Really?

You are missing out! I tell you there are hundreds of ways to use cookie cutters! OK maybe a few less, but near enough!

In the article below you will find some really creative ways to use cookie cutters for other than cookies.

 Cookie Cutters

1. This one is obvious: Cookies!

Not much to explain here. If you are looking for a recipe which is simple and holds it shape after baking click here: Santa Cookies.

Santa Cookies

2. Sandwiches and toast

Aaand I hear you say: "I did not think of that!" 

I know it is actually a go to tool for us when we have not much to offer for lunch.

We also use this idea for themed birthday parties. Just a little extra can go a long way with kids!

Believe me a sandwich in a shape of a rocket is a much better sandwich than a triangle!

3. Fruit, vegetables, cheese

Do you have the veggies and the fruit left on party plates fairly often? Not anymore! Cut them with the same cutter, so kids can stack them, or different shapes for variety.

Cheese fruit and veg

4. Pizza

When you make your own pizza it is entirely up to you what you make out of it. 

Shape the base so they can be individual little cute "pizzalettes" as we call them, or alternatively use smaller cutters for shaping the toppings.


5. Decorating cakes

For a themed party you can be creative in all sorts of ways. You can cut shapes from fondant or marzipan to decorate your cakes and cupcakes.

Fondant decoration

6. Napkin rings

Use them on the table too. This cute idea can set the right mood in kids and adults alike!

Napkin ring


7. Jelly mould

Kids love jelly. They love it even more if they are really cool! Cut the set jelly into shapes, layer them by colour and cut them into shapes. Alternatively you can use the cookie cutters as moulds. All you have to do is to place them in a bowl or on a plate that has a completely flat bottom and voila, you have a shaped jelly mould.

Layered Jelly 

8. Pancake

Who doesn't like pancakes? 

Everyone likes them!. Just place the cookie cutters in the hot pan and pour the pancake mix into it. Alternatively you can cut the shapes out once they are ready.

Pancake Shapes

9. Filled Pastry

Do you like them sweet or savory? We love them both! Just cut 2 the same shape, put the fulling between them and seal the edges. Really not difficult.

Filled Pastry

10. Cheese crackers

Make cheesy crackers and bake them in the oven. Who said you can't have a butterfly or a airplane shaped snack instead of a cheese straw!

Cheese Crackers


These are the things we use the cookie cutters for, but there are loads more. Comment below if you are using your cutters in any other creative ways for cooking.

For a variety of cookie cutters click here:

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