7 must have child friendly kitchen accessories for young chefs

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Kids are  absolutely  love cooking.  Maybe  because they  just adore  their own  creations, it  feels "adulty"  or just to  make sure  something  edible is for  dinner.
Who knows.
Nevertheless they love it. However did you ever come across a cute little thing in the shop only to discover that it is actually useless for what it is designed for? Yes we did too. It is our responsibility they use tools which are safe and actually usable. We put together a little list of essentials.

1. Stepping stool

It is probably the single most used item in our kitchen. We are using a two stepper wooden stool which is awesome, but any stool will do. Just make sure they are sturdy and high enough, so kids don't have to tip-toe to reach the sink or the work surface. 

2. Children sized apron

Protective clothing is essential for any activity, cooking is not an exception. It helps to save those cute little trousers. The apron also protects them from spillages; if something hot splashes on the apron, you can just quickly pull it off.
Personalised Apron 

3. Mixing bowls

Yes mixing bowls. They come in all shapes and sizes. Big, small, round, with a spout. They are colorful and fun. And mostly useful!
You can use them for storing, mixing, pouring , measuring; however you need a few.
Mixing Bowls
photo from cliparts.co

4. Small tools

It is essential that children have appropriately sized tools handy. It can be very overwhelming if everything you use is gigantic. It is also a safety matter as it is very important they get a good grip, so they don't cut themselves with knives or grate their little fingers off.
So please do invest in a few item. Personally I love to use little tools, they are cute and sometimes very handy. Did you ever try to scrape out the last bit of marmalade from the jar with a spoon? Try these spatulas, they are awesome! I promise.
  Wooden Biscuit Stamp - Each

5. Knife

This is a difficult one. Well, shall we say it WAS a difficult one. After we found the amazing KiddiKutter knives we have never looked back. It is safe to use 3 years upwards. A company from Australia has developed this fantastic tool which cuts only food, not the fingers.
I know I know, I was skeptical first too, but it proved to be one of the greatest products which we are selling. It is a real best seller! 
Check their fantastic products and knife's feature on their own website, guaranteed, you will be amazed.

6. Chopping boards or mats

Chopping boards are chopping boards I hear you saying. However colour coded mats are teaching children for good hygiene. It is essential kids understand that cross-contamination is very dangerous. With the different colours they can quickly decide which mat to use for each food item.

7. Cookie cutters and gadgets

Cookie cutters are really fun. Other than using them for cookies only your imagination sets limits for their potential. I promise I write a list of these soon, because we use them all the time. For example sandwiches, shaped Omelettes, fun pizza shapes,morning toast to lighten up the day.
As for gadgets we love all sorts of quirky things:
just a few:
Do you have a favorite tool which we missed? Please comment below
Thank you for reading and enjoy your cooking adventures!

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